Joints and Jam(s)

“That’s the joint, that’s the jam, turn that *ish* up, play it again…”  (I know, they don’t actually say “ish”, keepin’ it kid friendly here folks).  Black Eyed Peas.   These guys were legit back in the day.  Behind the Front came out in 98.  I was still in high school.  Damn, didn’t realize how old this song was. Decent song off a really dope album.  I recommend giving it a listen if you never heard it.  It’s before Fergie, when they were actually hip-hop.

I know this article is starting off with music, and that you are reading this on a sneaker site.  It’ll come together, so just roll with me.  Anyways, I figured this might be a good time for this article.  As I am currently writing, the NBA just finished up its All-Star weekend (I know that was many months ago, but all I ask is just pretend like you are fresh off of watching the best dunk contest in a looooong time.  See, now isn’t that better?).  When it comes to major sports, basketball (and basketball culture, i.e. sneakers) and music (especially hip-hop) are about as intertwined as it gets.

And what better example than this year’s All-Star weekend in Toronto. Drake was on center stage (or would that be center court? Or centre court?) For anyone asking why that may not be a basketball fan, here you go.  Toronto is his hometown. He’s involved with the Raptors organization.  And most importantly, at least for this article, he’s on fire in the music industry.  Some might consider him the best in the game right now.  And he’s only one example.  Peep the front row at any big game, you would be hard press NOT to see a big name musician, usually rocking a dope pair of kicks.

Now, here comes the music/song/sneaker tie in (no pun intended, but still pretty good work by me). Everyone has their joint, their jam (see what I did there? Almost flawless). That one song that as soon as you hear it, poof! All your worries just disappear for a minute.  You start nodding your head and all is right with the world.  Everyone’s jam is different (right now mine is “This One’s on Me” by Wax).  And that can change from week to week.  Sometimes even day to day.  Regardless of the specific song, your jam will still put you in that same feel good mood.

Same can be said about sneakers.  Everyone’s different.  You might be a rotation type of head, with multiple pairs that are your “jam”, your go to, feel good kicks.  Right now my rotation includes Nike Free 3.0 runners, Kobe 10’s, and KD 8’s among others. Or maybe that rotation depends on the season or the weather.  All winter, my favorite pair were my Nike Son of Force sneakerboots.  I hate wearing boots unless I have to, so getting a pair of weatherproof sneakers was heaven sent.  I rocked those ALL winter.  But now that the weather is getting nicer, those have been put aside.

Then there are some people that have the “one”.  That pair that fit perfect, the one’s that are like walking on clouds, they make life all good.  If I had to choose, mine would definitely be my Nike Free Flyknit Chukka’s.  Putting those on again after a long winter was like hearing an old favorite come up on the radio Spotify (or Pandora, or Apple Music). Man, I forgot how much I loved those.

Side note: My original edit of this post had a lot more comparisons of music/songs and sneakers (for example that one style of sneaker/musician that everyone loves, but you could just never get a feel for.  For me?  Tupac and Nike Air Max’s).  But I’ll save those for separate articles.

So there it is.  What do you think?  What’s your jam?  You got a rotation or just that one pair you always come back to?  What’s your feel good track of the moment?  Maybe you got a whole playlist of dopeness.  I’m down for some suggestions for quality music and sneakers.  Until next time, keep ‘em fresh.